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Practice Areas


Only an experienced hand can be trusted in to make a smooth and legally secure conveyance of land from one landowner to another. This applies also in cases where death has occurred and transmission under probate is required.
Our services range from due diligence to preparation of appropriate document and eventual transfer of the property. We prepare property agreements and contracts, leases, power of attorneys, transfers mortgages, discharge of charges, re-mortgages, and application to relevant authorities for the necessary clearance certificates and consents.
In case of property is embroiled in a legal suit, our firm is well positioned to handle the property lawsuit.


Arbitration, conciliation, mediation and settlement are some of the mechanisms employed in ADR. We resolve disputes between spouses, families and contactors among others. We have expertise in the field of arbitration and we are often consulted in this area. We use modern technology, equipment and interpretive skill to decipher parties’ intentions in contacts, agreements and other forms of legally binding arrangements. We act as a bridge between disputants and help them resolve their problems without undergoing the hustles of adverse court publicity and expenses.

Representing Companies

There are many forms of business organizations. We have partnerships, and joint ventures, corporations, societies, Non profits (NGOs) and co-operatives. Our services range from searches, preparation of Memorandum and articles of associations, and incorporation. We assist in making annual returns and other secretarial services Where need be, we help clients in need to get work permits.
Where organizations get involved in suits of any nature, our law firm is in a position to handle all forms of litigation relating to business organizations.

General Litigation

Litigation is a complicated and sometimes unpredictable process. It requires drafting complicated legal documents, conducting extensive research and smart court arguments to win a case. An experienced hand is a trusted hand in the areas of drafting, research and court representation. Litigation in both criminal and civil matters is our main domain. We litigate our clients’ cases at all levels including appeals. We represent both claimants / plaintiffs and defendants in all types of litigation.

Intellectual Property

  • Consultancy on intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks and copyrights, especially with regard to their selection, creation, and enforcement against infringement or interference.
  • Registration of intellectual property rights.
  • Advisory services on Intellectual Property licenses or assignments for the maximum exploitation of rights in commercial transactions.
  • Intellectual Property litigation.

Accidents and Personal Injuries

Road,  and River accidents happen a lot. Road Traffic accidents are particular major concern in South Sudan. Industrial accidents happen a lot in Factories, construction sites and many other areas where labor is employed. In hospitals it is common to find cases of medical negligence. Some products may not be liable hence causing damage. In all these cases, our firm is well versed to handle these cases on both fronts i.e., from the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ perspective. Our attorneys thoroughly prepare for each case and fight for your claim

Securities and Banking Law

The firm has created an excellent reputation in the Banking industry providing timely and efficient legal advice in the creation of securities including charges, mortgages, debentures and loan agreements. Our legal expertise covers the entire spectrum of banking practice including banking under Sharia law.  Aware of the pressures of the commercial and business interests of its clients, the firm is continually increasing its capacity in order to harness its expertise and experience in creating a track record of excellence in legal documentation and quick turn-around times..

Tax, Investments and Wealth Preservation

We offer the following services:

  • General advice to individuals and corporates on Sudan’s tax law
  • Advice on tax issues arising from employee remuneration, including share options, pension schemes and National Social Security Fund contributions
  • Individual and corporate tax planning. This includes creation and operation of trusts and foundations, making of gifts, business and investment structures and estate planning
  • Advice and representation on Local and Foreign Direct Investment as well as Portfolio Investment in East Africa. In this regard we advise on the legal requirements, the tax and other incentives available to investors

Where taxpayers are the subject of investigation or prosecution, whether by a taxing authority, we are available to offer specialist support and representation in court. This advisory work sometimes ends up in litigation but more often to negotiated settlements.